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Re: Horse too fast!!

In a message dated 2/18/99 8:58:45 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< Energy level???  Gawd help me.....the horse is turbocharged.  I have
 never even managed to get him tired..last spring I pulled him out of the
 pasture where he had been sitting for most of the previous year, took
 him to a 50 miler....he was still spooking at the finish line, and
 almost drug me off at the final vet check. Vet said the horse was ready
 to be doing 100's, the 50's were too easy for him  (nothing was
 mentioned about the rider's condition...ahem)  And recoveries were very
 fast...within a minute or so.>>

Your information has entered my database. How do you feed during the event
 >> so what on earth would you feed such a beast to get anymore weight on
 him? I think I have some vanilla weight gainer powder around....should I
 mix him a milkshake? <G>

Increased carbs/protein (lysine and methionine in particular)/gamma
oryzanol/chromium yeast. That is, for lean muscle mass. If you will do a blood
test, cell differentials, chemistries and enzymes on this horse, I will pay
for it.


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