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Re: entry fees

In a message dated 2/18/99 8:13:39 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< I plan to enter a upcoming ride. I would like to send in the ride app
 only, and pay my entry when I arrive on Fri. Do most ride managers mind
 if this is done?  >>

It depends on the ride and the ride manager.  Some ride managers are able and
willing to accept this system.  On our ride, a ride entry automatically
signals me to order another dinner from the caterer.  If the person does not
come, then I am required to pay the caterer for the dinner that was ordered.
One might be surprised how often this happens ... person sends in entry
without payment, then doesn't show up at the ride.  The person doesn't see any
problem here, but the ride manager does .. at least if the ride runs like
ours.  If there are no committments, such as a dinner,  for any of the riders,
then it might not be such a problem for management.  But even then, management
has probably gone to a certain amount of work and expense preparing for that
rider, and then if he/she doesn't show up, it's a loss to the management.
BTW, I am taking a class at a local community college in MS Excel 97, the
spreadsheet program.  I put it to work one day doing a cost analysis on our 50
mile, 30 mile and R & T event in May.  What an eye-opener that was!!  I hadn't
realized how much it costs to put on a ride the way we do ours.  No
complaints, just reality!

Barbara McCrary
Ride manager - Castle Rock 50, Applegate-Lassen multi-day, Swanton Pacific 100

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