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Re: Horse too fast!!

Well, I know I'm going back on what I said about not posting any more
to this thread, but Good Grief!!!!!

On Thu, 18 Feb 1999 23:05:08 EST, wrote:

>A heartrate below 60 is very low for an alert horse being handled. 

A fit endurance horse will often drop into the 40's during a typical
vet check.  There's no way he's made up his energy deficit in that
time, nor cleared all the by-products of exercise from his system.
The idea that an endurance ride is just a series of sprints with full
recovery in between is ludicrous.

>By the way,
>if you'd use CarboCharge or something like it, you'll have plenty of horse
>left at the end of the ride. 

Right, no need to find a genetically superior horse, no need to
condition, no need to pace.  If your horse is tired after 50 or 100
miles, you just ain't givin' him enough carbo!  Just giv'im Dr. Ivers
Magic Elixer and let'im rip!  

Hey, Tom, do you throw in a set of Ginsu knives with every order?


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