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Re: Horse too fast!!

In a message dated 2/18/99 2:04:44 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< No, they don't. They perform intermittant exercise with near-full recovey
 >between bouts.
 Recovery?  Based on what parameters?  Hardly.  If that were the case, they'd
 be finishing the ride as frisky the last mile as the first, and THAT ain't
 the case.

A heartrate below 60 is very low for an alert horse being handled. By the way,
if you'd use CarboCharge or something like it, you'll have plenty of horse
left at the end of the ride. 
 >If you read the proceedings of the past 4 ICEEPS you will not fail to see
 >work referenced. That's the sign of work with impact.
 Not the same thing, and you know it. >>>

Sure it is. If nobody considers your work noteworthy, all you're doing is
wasting paper. 


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