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COB and Oats

I have a Morab that gets quite plump during winter months when I am limited

on conditioning.  So, when I attended my first ride of the season this

month, the vet commented on his plumpness and very tactfully suggested that

I take it nice and slow.  While on the ride my friend proceded to give me

friendly advice on feeding.  She feeds cracked corn/oats/oil/hay/grass. 

Her horses do seem to stay lean even during periods of limited

conditioning.  I have never weighed the feed but I use a large folgers

coffee can and I feed 1/4 COB and the rest oats with a jigger of corn oil

twice a day.  He gets hayed 2 larges flakes of hay per day and we have some

grass.  Even in times of routine conditioning he looks "filled out".  He

has never looked drawn after a ride.  I do classify him as an "Easy Keeper"

 but the COB does have some molasses in it.  I really hate taking that away

because he loves it so much.  I think he would turn his nose up at just

plain old oats with cracked corn.  He has a sweet tooth!  Also my friend

stated that feeding sweet feed induces profuse sweeting.  Comments???

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