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uninterested stallion

A friend of mine asked me to ask you knowledgeable people a question for
her. She's having a problem with her breeding stallion & is in a real
quandary to figure it out. She's breeding with him & everything has been
going well, but the last couple of days the desire has been there, but he is
having a real problem finishing the job. The stallion has light bouts of
colic type symptoms on & off the last couple of years & usually keeping him
quiet & a gentle massage will bring him around to his old self. She has
recently put him on probotics (Ration plus) thinking it might help. She
feeds good feed, has plenty of turnout & is religious about worming, hence
trying the probotics. Bloodwork was done a year ago coming back clean.
Monday he had another light bout of gas & again a gentle massage seemed to
bring him back, but since then he has wanted to breed & does, but has had a
hard time getting ready to do the job. We live in the northeast which has
been going from cold to warm and vice versa & this does seem to be when he
gets a belly ache. She has talked to several vets & they can't seem to
figure it out either. Now she's wondering if the Ration Plus would have
anything to do with his lack of performance. Has anyone had any experience
with this product? Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this long
explanation & for whatever advice we might glean. Kathy in N.Y.

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