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oh geeeeeez.....

>This may be over-simplification, but, here goes.  I asked Dr. Kopp, the
>Southern States Nutrition vet about when and how to feed fat for horses.  His
>advice was very simple, something even I could understand.  He said, "When you
>get concerned over the amount of feed that your horse needs to maintain his
>weight, feed extra fat."  It doesn't matter if you have an endurance horse, or
>a pony broodmare, if the horse needs more calories than he can get from his
>normal ration, feed fat.  Simple concept, huh?

Okay, I've been doing it *all* wrong!!!  Susan - Heidi - tell me if I am 
screwing this up or not.

When my horse started working more I increased his hay and added 
approximately 4 pounds of LMF (grain mix) daily.  He usually gets none when 
not worked (or very little - just enough to give the E/SE supp).

Never did feed oil - I'm afraid if I do he'll really get fat.  Now granted 
his metabolism hasn't always been where it is now.  It probably took him a 
thousand miles till his whatever you call it (ability to maintain his 
weight while doing a lot of work) kicked in.  The other horse just reached 
the thousand mile mark and his metabolism seems to be becoming quite 
similar to the first horse.  He keeps his weight while being worked (he 
hasn't done nearly as much as Weaver but did do 350 miles in 
November/December) and I have not had to increase anything other than the 
LMF while worked and more free choice grass hay.

Now here is my problem in reverse.  I've got a horse with a geared up 
metabolism for doing an endurance ride every other weekend....and now he's 
got his shoes pulled, is turned out....getting fed just grass hay...and 
he's pretty heavy right now :(.  I've cut him back considerably (no beet 
pulp, no probi, no LMF....he does get an occasional carrot or apple 
tho) he isn't quite 'obese' but he has to be a 6 on the body score 
scale (maybe even a 7) <BG>.

So next time I get Weaver ready to do some rides (probably another month or 
two)....should I do what I've always done and increase his hay to free 
choice and add the LMF while working (and probiotics, with beet pulp)....or 
would he benefit from being fed oil instead?  I'll get him back to some 
light work once the weather clears and the trails dry out <sigh>.

See ya at 20 MT tomorrow SG!! :)

....going to go mix up my carbs now. hehehe

Happy Trails,

in NV
& Weaver, 2,455 miles
& Rocky, 1,075 :)

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