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Re: mules

Hello, Phil,
On July 1-3 is the mule & donkey show in Shelbyville Tn.  don't miss that. 
If you want to buy a mule just like with horses you have to find the right
mule from the right person.  I have had a great deal or success and do
thrust a man named Terry Nichols his number is
580 735-2912 he is in Oklahoma,  Then there is Steve Richards in Cody
WY,.307 527-7061  Or for more information get Western Mule Magazine at PO
Box 46, Marshfield, MO 65706 Send $19.50 or Call and give them your credit
card for a suscribtion  at 417859-MULE
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> Subject: Re: mules
> Date: Thursday, February 18, 1999 9:48 AM
> Debbie, 
> Hi, I am looking for a mule to endurance ride.  I bought my first mule 6
> months ago but Annie is only about 14h. and is almost three.  I was told
> would be 15h but not knowing much about mules I bought her anyway. 
> she has been the comic of my barn (Have nine other horses)  and everyone
> sees her loves her.  She is smart, loyal (bonded to me and not my wife, I
> it) and gets along with all the other horses.  I cut a stallion and Annie
> the first to be paired with him and she put him in his place real fast. 
> farm is in NC and I know of a lot of mules in Tenn but want one that
would be
> compatible in endurance.  What cross would you suggest?  Thanks.
> Phil

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