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DV Photos @ 20 MT

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From: k s swigart 

I will be brining the photos I took at Death Valley in December to 20 Mule Team if anybody would like to see them.

I will bring my slide projector (since 400 of the 500 shots I took were slides) and if I can be bothered  before the ride (I am doing the 100 so I might be busy), Jackie has said that I can do a "slide show" (no it won't be all 400) between the FEI meeting at 5:00 and the ride meeting at 7:00.

If I don't have time for that (depends on my arrival time at base camp--hoping for about 3:00 pm), then you can hunt me down on Sunday morning after the ride (although I cannot promise to be very functional if I have been riding all night:).

Somewhere along the line I probably took your picture ( and you may have known it  while I was doing it, but don't figure that just because you saw me with the camera pointed at you means that I have got one of you....there were quite a few "out takes" from having been jostled by the horse just as the shutter clicked, but also don't assume that because you didn't see me that I don't have one).

People I KNOW I have (because I recognize them...and/or they were riding with me part of the time) include:

The Hackworths
The Teeters
Rick Brandt and Carol Andrews
Assorted Ruprects
Elfta Hiltzman
Dean & MJ Jackson
The 15 people I took at Rogers Pass
The Mitchell Family
Hugh Vandeford
Barney & Linda Fleming
The Duck
Jim Bumgardner
Jennifer Oltman (and the guy she was riding with on the third day)
Wendy Merendini
Claire Toomeey (and Mary she was riding with)
Lucy C-T
Maryben Stover
Karen Chaton
Alan Horne
Judith Ogus (sp?)
Ruth Walthenspiel (I think)

There are also assorted shots of vet checks, base camps, rocks, trees, bushes, panoramic views, cnayons, water troughs, and whatever else I found visually interesting along the trail.

...No, I did NOT get a shot of everybody coming back to the start on Day 2 because we all got off course (Quel domage!).

Orange County, Calif.

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