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Re: Horse too fast!!

Susan, I just came back from the Cow Tanks Ride.  There were about 50 starters
and only 10 horses completed all three days (180 miles).  We trained,
conditioned & fed 3 of the 10 horses that completed.  My husband & I completed
4th & 5th overall, Top Ten'd two out of three days.  My daughter "Charlene" &
grandson "Jordan" shared her horse.  We feed carbs & fat.  You did the studies
on weighted horses at the Tevis, well the same three horse's rated; 5.0 Katie
Bar The Door, 4.5 Ima Liberated Lady & 4.5 Mistanza.  Lady & Mistanza
completed, Kate did not because of slight lamness, not due to energy or lack

Tammy Robinson
Trail-Rite Ranch
We Produce Great Horse's & Rider's, Not Discover Them!

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