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Re: Horse too fast!!

In a message dated 2/17/99 7:12:19 PM Pacific Standard Time,

<< Tom, the first time I responded to one of your nutrition posts,
 questioning the applicability of aerobic race-track data to anaerobic
 endurance rides, you responded with the same kind of ad hominem

And, of course, you were entirely subjective. I respond in kind, Pard.
> I would suggest that it is you who has the tunnel vision, who sees
 only what supports your conclusions, and who personally attacks those
 who question you.>

You ought to read all the thread before falling into a delusion. The carb
subject came up in a discussion of tying up. There it was said that my
prescription for this problem was dangerous to the health of the horse. Then
the rest of the pack jumped in when I mentioned that fat feeding will make a
horse lethargic after a time (about 3 weeks, or a nice dose on the day of
 >I would recommend that anyone seeking wisdom for feeding endurance
 horses be very careful about putting your recommendations into

Well, that's very kind of you, Joe. Cedrtainly no personal attack intended,

>  And that's based on 12,000 miles of highly successful
 endurance competition (11,525 miles of it with one horse).  It's easy
 to talk the talk, but I trust the knowledge of those who have walked
 the walk. >

And you're another without the courage to try the concept you rabidly oppose.
And despite your protestations, you don't have the experience, in this area,
to comment--don't knock what you haven't tried. It'll come back to bite you in
the butt. If you have the courage of your convictions, give me a shipping
address, I'll send you some stuff, and you can add one more tiny bit of useful
information to your giantic wealth of experience.

And, if you have even more courage, you'll tell us all about it.



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