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Re: Multi-State Health Certificates??

I took Barbara McCrary's advice and called California Animal Health
about extended period health certificates. I talked to one of the state
Veterinarians, a Dr Jim Korbet.

Dr Korbet was very helpful, and has suggested that someone from the AERC
write to the head California veterinarian, Dr Richard E. Breitmeyer DVM,
MPVM, and request that California consider this, including information
to justify our request. 

The state I'm most interested in going to regularly is Nevada. Dr Korbet
mentioned that he knows of cases where Nevada has issued brand
inspections (with the health certificates) that have been good for
extended periods of time, and feels it's possible. There is precedence.

This would need to be worked in conjunction with the states that we want
the agreement with, in my case Nevada.

Should we try and pursue a California / Nevada agreement? Is this
something that the AERC board would get behind if I dig up the name of
the Nevada State Veterinarian? I was told that individual efforts would
probably be futile, but an effort by an organization like AERC stood a
good chance of being considered. 

In case anyone wants the CA Head Veterinarians name and address:

Dr Richard E. Breitmeyer DVM, MPVM
1220 N Street
Room A114
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 654-0881

  -- Linda Cowles

> >Linda, how about getting in touch with the CA Dept. of Food & Agriculture,
> >Animal Health Branch, at 916-654-1447 a

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