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Re: Wilderness

Hi: It seems that you have also not chosen to thoroughly read and UNDERSTAND
my posts.
It is not my intent to have a -issing match with anyone, my comments are
general and broad. If you are unable to decipher what my comments contained
in my POSTS are I apologize for my inability to make my thoughts know to
It appears that you what to change the topic of my POST which is to obtain
additional lands for all. If we do not attempt to REMEDY the way activities
have been done to and on OUR Public Lands we shall not have the use of them.
These activities might also not include leasing of Public Lands for road
building, grazing leases, mining, tree cutting, encroachment into water
courses, commercial outfitting as well as any type of trail riding. We have
an opportunity to obtain LAND as I see it they are not making any more. If
we as a NATION, do not have sufficient "Open Space" the fight over what is
allowed will only intensify. steven

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Sent: Wednesday, February 17, 1999 7:47 AM
Subject: Re : Wilderness

>"We deserve
>what we have sowed by the APATHY that abounds in the equestrian community.
>steven "
>So Steven , help me out here ... How many competitive horse events are held
>in designated Wilderness area's that YOU know about ?????? And then tell me
>again why we should want wilderness ????
>                    Drin Becker , endurance rider , rancher , & outfitter's

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