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Vitamin E

Susan wrote:
>I *personally* feed
>Cato about 2000 IU a day when he's working hard, mixed up in his beet pulp
>mash.  The most cost effective source I've found so far is through Valley
>Vet Supply 1-800-356-1005, I get E-5000 from Vita Flex.  A four lb bucket (a
>five month supply) is $48.95.

One minor caveat: Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant-if exposed to air,
especially in hot humid conditions, it oxidizes! Keep your 4 month supply
in a cool, dry place, tightly sealed unless the manufacturers state
specifically the it has been stabilized.

Sarah Ralston and Fling, who also gets vitamin E when she is training
heavily but only 500 iu twice a day.

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