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Mea Culpa- worm/virus

Early on Tuesday 2/16, my concept of "worm" was ...a beneficial garden
critter or a reason not to eat an apple.
I've learned differently.  An individual who emailed me  re: something I'd
posted on rc had the attachment.  Unbeknownst to me, when I subsequently
sent email to the rc list it followed.   Several very nice and helpful folks
took the time to email me privately with instructions on how to remove "it".
I sent that information on to the person I received the worm/virus from.
Here are sites for removing "it"    -
It will give you a program to download, download the one called Protector
Plus for windows 95/98

I felt so badly about the mess when I first started receiving private emails
re: "the worm", that I phoned Steph Teeter to discuss the prob. with her-
she was not there.
Btw, several individual emails I've received from rc people on 2/17 have had
attachments. Also, I believe you can modify your email in-box to reject any

Apologies to all.     kathleen

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