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RE: Happy99?????-who are you?

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Linda M. Klaren []
> I have received this virus from Indy Stewart and perhaps her friend,
> Debbie Corr  My thoughts are to report these
> people's addresses to their servers and to ridecamp (Steph) as well.
> Enough is enough, and is an abuse of e-mail.  Perhaps if everyone will do
> the same, these messages will stop.   Linda

Most people don't know that they are sending out the happy99.exe virus.
That's how the virus works.  It sends itself out on its own.  Rather like
self-preservation.  Once the person realizes that their e-mail is
"misbehaving," then they can get rid of the virus.  My advice is to let the
person at the sending e-mail address know that their computer has a virus.
Don't get mad at them.  Try to help them.  And DON'T run the program

Chattanooga, TN

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