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Re: Happy99?????-who are you?

Hi Teddy and other ridecampers:

I was infected by this virus last week and that is probably why there
was some discussion.    DON'T OPEN ANYTHING TO DO WITH HAPPY99.exe 
It really messed up my e-mail and attached itself to my outgoing

My husband finally got it cleaned up for me.  If you already have the
happy99.exe file in your system then you are infected and need to get
rid of it.  You need to delete the following files


and these are found in c:/windows/system   (for windows95)

You can go to
for information about this virus.

The virus renamed wsock32.dll to wsock32.ska and replaced the
original wsock32.dll with its own file.  Get rid of this and rename
wsock32ska back to wsock32.dll
Do this only if you have been infected and feel free to pass this
along to anyone that you know that is.


> What is this?  Isn't this the virus everyone was talking about last
> week?  Who is sending this and why?  I, for one, will NOT execute
> this!!!!
> Teddy
> Indy Stewart wrote:
> >                   Name: Happy99.exe
> >    Happy99.exe    Type: unspecified type
> >               Encoding: x-uuencode

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