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Tying up and ti recommendation

	PLEASE don't carbo load your horse as suggested by ti-if anything it WILL
make it worse. Your description matches two scenarios well, one with my
personnal horse, the other with horses affected by a newly described
genetic disease that alters glycogen storing and makes horses chronically
prone to tying up. 
	Scenario 1: the hyper, excited horse, sweating profusely, not supplemented
with electrolytes before, during or after the exercise, dehydrated: result:
severe electrolyte imbalance resulting in muscle spasms. Solution: pre-load
with an ounce or two of electrolytes 4 hours before riding with free access
to water, give small amounts if riding more than an hour or two during ride
definitely dose again when you get back, preferably after the horse has had
a drink of warm water.
	Scenario 1B: the hyper, excited horse, sweating profusely, OVERDOSED with
electrolytes pre-ride, (a bit carbo loaded the daybefore since I decided to
at least try it based on our discussions on ride camp), drinking like a
fish during the ride then not supplemented immediately after the ride. Not
dehydrated: result: whole body muscle spasms and electrolyte imbalance
(shamefully my own horse at the NY 100 last year). Solution: supplement
everything in moderation!!
	Scenario 2: There is GOOD data on the efficacy of a high fat/fiber ration
with LOW carbohydrates (Published last fall in American Journal of
Veterinary Research or JAVMA-can't remember which) by Beth Valentine (Who,
by the way is now at the University in Oregon) preventing tying up. 

The Selenium situation would not seem to be an issue since you are already
supplementing with so much!

I post this reluctantly to ridecamp, anticipating another flame war from ti
but really, when it comes to a chronic tie up, the worst thing you can do
is carbo load in our distance horses!	

Sarah Ralston, VMD, PhD

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