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Trails Seminar--Massachusetts

The Boston legal firm of Hill and Barlow is offering two 2-hour
lectures on different legal aspects of equine trails.


Title:   Trails to the Future
         Creating, Maintaining, and Preserving Trails for Equine Use

Speaker: Heather G. Merrill, Esq.

Dates:   Tue, March 2 and Tue, March 9
         7:30 to 9:30 p.m.

Where:   Tufts University School of Vet Medicine in Grafton.
         (Sorry, I don't have any more specific location information

Price:   $75

Send to: Karen Borofsky, Marketing Coodinator
         Hill & Barolow
         One International Place
         Boston, MA  02110
Phone:   617-428-3000

The flier reads:

"With private and public conservation groups limiting or prohibiting
equestrial access to trails, horse howners and enthusiasts are faced
with new challenges for creating, maintaining, and preserving
trail access for the future.  Benefactors who once donated land to
conservation groups, assuming that horseback riding would always
be permitted on the land, are now reconsidering their options and
are hesitant to give away valuable land without certainty as
to its future use.  [Ed. Note:  this is a reference to the Mass
Audobon Society's recent decision to close its land to horses,
though major blocks of this land were donated by horse people.]
Trails groups who are committed to the preservation of trails for
a variety of recreational uses and, in particular, equine access,
find it increasingly necessary to understand the legal complexities
and options for trails programs and to deal directly with landowners
for the creation and preservation of equestrial trails.

"This two-part seminar is designed to familiarize conservation trails
groups as well as potential donors with the legal mechanisms available
for creating and preserving trails and the advantages which can be
offered to potential benefactors.  Issues which will be covered

 - What is a conservation restriction?  How does a conservation
   restriction differ from an agricultural restriction or a
   recreational easement?

 - What is the effect of placing a restriction upon land?  What
   is the difference between placing a restriction upon land
   and granting an easement for equestrian use?

 - What are the tax benefits related to donating land, placing
   restrictions on land, or granting an easement for equestrian

 - How much control may a benefactor maintain over property?

 - What liabilities does a landowner have when allowing trail riders
   to use their property?  How does the law protect landowners?
   What can landowners do to minimize potential liability?

"This seminar is taught by Heather G. Merrill, Esq, an attorney
with the law firm Hill & Barlow of Boston, Massachusetts, where
Ms. Merrill practises equine, construction, and real estate law.
Ms. Merrill is an active competitor in the discipline of Eventing
and has taught numerous seminars on topics related to equine law.
She has worked with stable owners and operators, riders, trainers,
breeders, horse owners, and therapeutic riding programs to identify
and resolve legal issues.  She is also a frequent speaker at
conferences, clubs, and associations, and a guest lecturer for
the Mount Ida College Equine Studies Program."

I'll be going.  I don't have any association with Hill & Barlow.
I just heard Merrill speak at the Northeast Horseman's Conference
and she was good, and I picked up this flier there.

Linda B. Merims
Massachusetts, USA

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