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Re: English saddles

Truth is, times are changing. Some very good saddles don't use wool
flocking. Some use putty and some use foam with plenty of spring and
no memory. The only problem with the foam panels, is that it's quite
expensive to make being injection moulded with the tooling running
into the $50K for just one side and you need a left and right side.
Some, no doubt, use cheap foam. I suspect though, that if you want to
pay more for something, a saddle maker would be quite willing to put
it in there and take your money.

The advantage to foam with no memory is that it will not need to be
reshaped once in a while. It give a lot more that most other paddings
and so should be (in theory) more forgiving. Hence it's use in
orthopedic equipment and not a few saddle pads.

The thing to do is sit on the thing and see if it really works what
ever the material, cheap or expensive. wrote:
> Hi, Campers,
>  I must digress.....only the cheapo english saddles have foam in the
> The makers put foam in because it's cheaper than wool felt. The
really good
> saddles still use wool flocking. 
> Michelle

Nicco Murphy - Poway, San Diego, CA

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