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Where do we go from here? (Selenium test)

OK, here I go again. Is it possible that it still could be a selenium
problem? I mean, what if the horses ate enough wood/stumps, etc. to
raise their levels. Is that possible? Remember, both haven't been
ridden hard or under stress since Sept., could their supplements
(Horse guard w/ 2mg. of Se.) plus no stress, riding and eating the
wood have helped them?) Also, Classy, our tyer/upper has a history of
getting 6 cc's of Se/Vit.E. every month before we bought him. I
haven't been able to contact the previous owner to verify whether they
had a tying up problem, or if this was strictly as a preventative
measure. (If he had ever been tested.)

Also, if not a selenium problem, where do we look next?

His first tie-up was in the Oregon 100, very cold and he was too
excited and you just couldn't slow him. Second experience was a hot
muggy day, easy ride, very relaxed until those cramps hit.

Any new suggestions? (Find out more about previous history and go from
there? As well as cont. to supplement, ride, watch and possibly
retest?) He stresses out very easily, he's nervous and anxious alot,
especially at a ride. Wants to go, go, go!!!

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