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Re:Cut that won't heal

>>My horse, Apache, has had a cut, or something similar, on his left back
leg for the entire 4 months that I have owned him.  The location of the
is about 1 inch above his hoof, right where his foot bends if you pick
hoof up to clean it out.
Chattanooga, TN

Is the cut verticle or horizontal?
I've found the verticle cuts are worse because each time the
horse takes a step, the cut opens and closes again.
I lost nearly a season of riding because Drake had a cut
that refused to close.  I tried the traditional medicine,
and it did not work.  Here's what did work.

Morning - a couple drops of tea tree and lavander oil.
Evening - a couple drops of castor oil, because the essential
oils tend to dry out the skin.

In less than a week, the wound closed.  

On horses, generally, it is better to leave a wound open.
If you need to clean it out, then do so gently with a little
ebsons salt in water.  Otherwise, try to let it stay nice
and dry.

Dragon Crest Ranch
Some where near Masonville Colorado

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