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old bloodlines

Just read Melanie Johnson's post about "old" bloodlines in the Arabian
breed, and must agree with her and Heidi's statements.  Seems the old
bloodlines breed true, and some people have lost the basic concept of good
legs, feed, and most of all, mind.  I, too, raise Crabbet/Davenport/old
Egyptian horses, and find they have better minds.  Like some of the other
horse breeds, the good foundations have been lost due to hype and what
becomes popular. All of my horses have remained sound and have competed in
endurance, NATRC, jumping, dressage, and driving,  And yes, Al -Marah
breeding is some of the best as Bazy Tankersley has only "doing" horses. 
Good luck with Great Circle, Melanie; he's a lovely horse.
Joanie K. 

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