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Need a mount this season?

We have a couple more horses that we can possibly ride this year and one is a
mature 9 yera old SE 15.2 hand gray mare. She is a horse who will go as long
and as often as YOU will, is athletic, jumps and could easily be fitted for
ehr first ride in 6 weeks (LD) and go form there. If I rode her 6 days a week,
she would LOVE it, but I can't. She really needs 3 or more days of wok each
week to stay sharp - she is so athletic and LOVES to go, I just don't have the
time. She is not yet a child's mount but is SO kind and well mannered, she
surely could be in a year. She is priced at $5000 but if she is sold before
her 3 year old counterpat, she could be bought for 1/2 price. Email for
photos, phone number, and if you are in the Malibu area, you can come see her.
If I KNOW you wel enough, you MIGHT be able to lease her for a month or two to
see. She may stat out as your backup horse but I am fairly sure she will end
up your number one horse quickly.

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