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Dr. Deb Bennett & a JRT addendum

Does anyone know if Dr. Deb Bennett has a website?  Among other things, I'm
interested in several of her publications and do not know how to find out
the titles and ordering info.  In particular I'd like her series on
conformational analysis--can't sift thru years of periodicals for those
articles!  I'm trying to compare my Spanish Mustangs to "normal" horses,
figure out strengths, weaknesses...witherlessness, for instance.

Meanwhile, all you Jack Russell Terrier folks and potential JRT folks: I
bred a litter of these huge canines (they are the biggest dogs I've ever
owned, just pack their mass in a visibly small container) and currently have
four.  Mine will go down holes and won't come out voluntarily, so no way I'd
take them on the trail.  If you don't see where they go, you might lose your
dog--as in, dead down the hole.  When hunting with them, we take along
digging bars and shovels to extricate them from their quarry.  Trail dogs
NOT!  Email me privately for more details if you want.


Sally, Misty, Roanie, and a huge dog pack in Floyd, VA

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