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Re: RC: Re: one of your type discussions on ridecamp now

In a message dated 12/15/99 7:32:44 PM Pacific Standard Time, Tivers writes:

<< That's the current dogma, and there are a truckload of Grand Poobahs of 
equine research who will jump right into it with both feet. The question I 
have is "why run on sludge if you don't have to?" >>

Because to the horse, it is one of the fuels of choice for aerobic work.  
Sure, your carbs can add to it, but in my experience in the field, I don't 
think they can replace it.  Humans don't have this nifty adaptation to long 
distance travel, and I think we get overboard sometimes trying to pretend 
that horses are people.  

Keeping the gut functioning in the distance athlete has the medical aspect of 
preserving his life, too.  If you don't keep that gut moving, he comes apart 
at the seams metabolically.  And as long as the gut is moving, he is 
producing VFA's.  This is not a matter of "sludge" fuel--it is fuel that is 
there as long as the horse is functioning in a manner compatable with health 
and survival.  While it isn't the entire picture by any means, it is, 
nonetheless, an important part of the energy equation in the aerobic equine 
athlete.  To try to solve the energy equation without figuring it in is 
simply ignoring how the horse functions.


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