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re: Actually endurance related!

>Hey Fellow EnduroRiders,
>Biothane tack has been advertised as washable in the washing
>machine...How does one go about doing that? What does it do to the
>hardware? And speaking of hardware (brass, metal...) Does anyone out
>there have a way to clean them a la natural way?
>susie griffin barnes

When I throw my biothane tack in the washer I put it in one of those mesh
lingerie bags -- keeps the banging of the hardware on the washer at a
minimum.  I just throw it in with everything else. (Little Miss Homemaker
I'm not.)

But what I really prefer is to put the biothane in the top rack of the
dishwasher (set for air-dry;  it would probably survive the heat-dry but it
would be an expensive oops if it didn't).  The dishwasher detergents seem
to do the best cleaning job and actually brighten up the brass fittings.

Lynn Kinsky (Santa Ynez, CA)

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