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Re: sarcoids & Hombre 1978~1998

In a message dated 2/5/99 1:23:28 PM Pacific Standard Time,

<< I would do what I could when they were tiny as when they decide to
 get big and become invasive they can cause a lot of damage. >>

this was the case with our mule ,, in last ditch effort he had surgery at
UCDavis with understanding they might come back with vengence ,, after surgery
things were looking well then ,,, the site burst open  & then wouldn't heal
,,, from June to Aug. he had different treatments ,, but in the end ,,
decision was made to put him down as the care of the site ( sheath area ) was
difficult to doctor ,, as each time he laid down ,,, he'd end up with dirt &
such ,,, and have to be cleaned ,, and swelling was a problem ,, all fluids do
downward ,,, major mess ,, we sure miss that old mule ,, but he lives on in
our hearts ,,, 

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