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Re: I,m just another lost saddle hunter needing help

>In a talk at our convention last weekend, Steve Gonzales
>(SR SaddleryHe showed us how to
>make great shims out of 1" closed cell foam - cheap
>stuff you can buy at the hardward store. To raise the
>front of your saddle, or fill in the space caused by a wide
>tree, he created a 14" x 6" x 1" wedge - tapered down 
>to nothing (14" x 6" x 1/4")

By 1"closed cell do you mean like the "Insulite" pads that go under your
sleeping bag when backpacking?  (I already have one that I cut 8" off
of...when you're my height, who cares?

How did he taper it down to 1/4"?  How does this compare with the old
Ortho-Flex method of stacking 1/4" shims of shorter & shorter lengths?


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