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Fwd: Horse is a poor downhill walker

I know don't send to Guest   sorry, Lovell

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Well, some can and some can't.  When you pick a distance horse I was told to
pick one that could go downhill as you can teach a horse to go uphill but the
downhill is either there or it isn't.  I have ridden many horses in the years
past and the old boy knew what he was talking about.  Seems to have to do with
the hind end being under to carry the weight.  The weight is mostly carried on
the front end which is the part that gets stiff and sore so to spare the stiff
sore part the horse shortens his stride.  I know that my downhill horses go
like they are free wheeling and killing snakes, they just seem to glide freely
down the others sort of chopchop with a shortened stride and stiff movements.
But like the old boy said either they can or they can't and you can get off
and lead to make it easier on the downhill usually they will follow faster
than you can ride them.  Guess this probably isn't any help but at least it is
food for thought.  Gaited horses are USUALLY freer on the downhill but slower
on the uphill.  Lovell
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