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Re: Horse is a poor downhill walker

First let me say that in the Free State you will seldom if ever see a horse
WALK  down hill in the manner most people lead them, i.e. straight down in
the "fall line".

You will see them traverse back and forth across the hill side to descend.
You will see them trot, canter and most often see them just flat out run
down the hill straight. BUT SELDOM IF EVER WALK.

Have some other person walk your horse straight down the hill and watch the
action of the rear legs. Especially the leg from the hock down. It appears
to me that some of the "stay" mechanism appears to "lock up" and requires a
different motion than is comfortable in the hill descending walk.

Perhaps it may be discussed in some text book but I don't remember ever
seeing it in the "Biomechanics  of Horses".

Susan G. do you discuss such things at Cal Poly? (is Cal Poly something like
poly ester?)

Bob Morris
Morris Endurance Enterprises
Boise, ID
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From: Lynette Helgeson <>
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Date: Friday, February 05, 1999 4:21 PM
Subject: Re: Horse is a poor downhill walker

>Please post to the list because I for one would like to hear the
>replies. I have a horse exactly like this, and I was wondering if he
>just needed more hill work or if this is the wrong way to go. We do not
>have chiropractors or massage therapist here so they are not an option.
>> From: Barb Peck
>> Email:
>> OK everyone, I need help with this one:
>> I have a horse that since the day I bought him
>> seems to have trouble walking downhills.
>> He can jog or trot downhills perfectly,
>> passing every one as he goes (and has never been chest or front end
>> I've had other people ride him,
>> so I can watch
>>  and it appears to be somewhere in the back end.
>> Another reason I think it's back there somewhere
>> is that when he's shod, he doesn't like
>> to have his hind legs lifted and pulled away
>> from his body (when the farrier does the clinches).
>> When he walks downhill
>> He takes itty-bitty steps with his hind legs, which really slows him
>> Conformation wise he's symetrical and his saddle fits fine (I'm a saddle
fitter). He tracks up at the walk, and over at the trot. He's ridden bout 85
miles per month Apr. - Nov.
>> He's supple to the right and left.
>> He jumps without problems and his attitude is good. On really steep
>> he can sit down and slide, no problem.
>> He's not post legged, if anything he'd over angulated (in the rear).
Although he does not have much hock action,
>> my vet says his hocks are sound.
>> He doesn't toe out or have cow or sickle
>> hocks.
>> He just can't seem to WALK downhill at
>> a decent pace. (It's not for lack of practice, we have alot of hills)
>> Can he be too straight in the rear?
>> What is this?  Stifle?  I'm thinking of having a Chiropractor take a look
at him... Good idea?
>> Please respond privately if this isn't
>> a topic everyone is interested in.
>> Thanks,
>> Barb

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