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Corn Oil Issues

Susan (and anyone else who might know!),

I have been having an ongoing discussion with a friend, who, by the way,
sells a popular line of supplements.  Evidently, the supplement company
thinks that corn oil is evil. I, however, have been having great results
with it (in conjunction with beet pulp).  She gave me an article from
one of their newsletters that says - horses do not have gall bladders,
so oil is absorbed thru lacteal ducts causing fat soluble vitamin
receptor sites to be blocked and inhibit absorption of vitamins A, D, E,
and K.  Of course, the newsletter goes on to say that we should use
their high fat supplement containing "whole extruded organic soybeans
with all the oil and enzymes still present".  Isn't regular ole
vegetable oil that one purchases at the grocery store just soybean oil
in most cases?  Why would their supplement be superior - and what makes
it different?  Are enzymes destroyed in processing vegetable oil?  Does
corn oil have any impact on vitamin absorption or is this a marketing

Trish and Zsa Zsa
Central Region

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