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Re: Cost of euthanasia

One of my neighbors had cancer.  She decided that her 19 yr old and 10 yr old
arab mares should be put down after she died.  All of us were appalled at the
fact that a local veterinarian actually did the deed.  These were beautiful
and perfectly healthy mares.  Both were gentle and broke to ride.  My neighbor
wasnt really thinking very well the last few months of her life.  I could not
believe that anyone took her seriously.  I offered to find the mares homes.
She said she would think about it.  Apparently she didnt think too hard.  I
will never forgive the vet who did the euthanization.  I do not use him for
other reasons,  this just confirmed my judgement of him.  The vet who refused
to put down eamules stud horse had $$$ signs in his head just as this jerk
did.  If you all have a vet that actually likes horses,  keep 'em  they are
probably good ones.    


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