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I,m just another lost saddle hunter needing help

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From: Patty Jackson 

I realise the topic of saddles has been
beaten to death by now, and I thoroughly
searched the archives before deciding to
do this.  My vet has "ordered" me to buy
another saddle.  My Stubben has a 32 cm
tree and is too wide.  I knew the seat
was too big for me anyway, (18in, need
17in.), and thought :"No problem, I can
find another saddle easily".  

I came close to buying a Big Horn 
Cordura Endurance saddle.  Today I test
drove one for 10 miles.  It seemed to 
fit well and I was comfortable. (which
was a surprise, I loved my dressage
saddle.)  My horse moved out much better
at a trot, her shoulders seemed to move
more freely.  BUT--when I took the 
saddle off there were variations in the
sweat pattern.  She was semi-dry behind
the shoulders in the hollow spot just
behind the withers.  There was a very
wet sweaty spot at the very front of the
saddle on both sides, and she was quite
sweaty over the lower back at the back
of the saddle.  Is this a bad fit?
She has a bit of a low back and I wonder
if this is just going to be a problem
and also need to search for the right
pad.  (I had to borrow an old beat-up
Toklat western pad for my test ride.)

Any coments, good or bad on the Big 
Horn?  I'm a limited distance rider for
now.  I would like a new saddle before
my horse does her first ride (American
River in April).

I can spend up to $800, not much to 
work with, I know.

I like the style of the Big Horn but I 
am concerned with the amount of area
it covers on my horses back, though
her shortened stride did return to 
normal today with this saddle.

Any words of wisdom are welcome.


Patty J.


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