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Re: Horse for sale-EEK

I'm TIRED of seeing ads to sell horses that don't tell me where the horse
is located, though at least this time I could figure out the state from the
e-mail address.

Cindy Eyler

At 08:40 AM 2/4/99 -0800, wrote:
>You must post replies to the actual sender listed below.
>From: Marisa L. Monaco 
>FOR SALE:  12 year old well trained Arab gelding.  Has been shown Hunter
Pleasure and Western Pleasure.  Always in the ribbons.  Currently doing
endurance.  Just finished Fire Mtn. 30.  Has previously completed three 30
mile rides and one 50 miler.  Bloodlines include Bask, Naborr, Raffles.
Very flashy, typey head, flea bitten grey.  Very nice manners.  Must
sacrifice at $2500.00 due to divorce.  Please e-mail me directly at:

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