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Sheryl Williams wrote:
> Hope this helps.  There are a lot of us online too; we are always interested in helping new riders out!
> Sheryl

Since there are a lot of UMECRA members on line, maybe you can help me
out. We are going to have the Long X ride in the ND Badlands this
August. We will be camping at the CCC camp just south of Watford City. I
have been considering sanctioning through UMECRA. If we go through the
expenses of doing that do you or others thinks that members of UMECRA
would attend our ride? The tentative dates are August 21 and 22. We will
be offering a 50 endurance, 25 LD and a 15 competitive both days. We are
sanctioning through AERC and EMDRA. So what do you think?


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