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Re: Prayers for "Delaware"

In a message dated 2/3/99 1:00:10 AM Central Standard Time, Vuduvet1 writes:

<< Subj:	Re: Prayers for "Delaware"
 Date:	2/3/99 1:00:10 AM Central Standard Time
 From:	Vuduvet1
 To:	Equihealth
 Sounds like she needs to find a holistic vet for acupuncture or homeopathics.
This is more than just getting him to eat.  He has a long term chronic disease
and probably has liver damage from all the drugs he has been on.
 I did recently successfully treat a very bad COPD horse whose symptoms
started within 2 weeks from spring shots.  He has responded very positively to
THuja homepathic (200C).  His breathing has improved, he is eating better and
putting on weight.  Delaware, however, might be a different remedy since these
are such chronic, constitutional problems.  I sure hope she hasn't been
continuing his vaccinations with this problem?!
 Kim Henneman, DVM 

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