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Endurance Chat

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From: Denise Jenkins 

Hi All,

I finally have a decent computer and am using a good service.  I am also committed to having a "chat" room for Endurance Riders.  All Horse folks are welcome as far as I'm concerned but my topic and main interest will be Endurance:)  The chat will be on mschat, something that comes from MicroSoft.  It is MIRC type chat and in fact I think you can find my chat in MIRC.  These programs can be downloaded to your computer in 2 or 3 minutes.  If you want help or have questions, please feel free to write me:)

My husband and I will be at the AERC Convention and I hope to meet lots of you there:)  This year will be my first competition year and I am really gearing up.  It has been pretty muddy where we train so I have been arena riding to get Gunner in condition(and myself:).

The chat will be held Mon-Fri at 7am pacific standard time.  Hope you can make it:)

Denise & Topgun:)

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