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mystery beet pulp

Hi Abby,
I think the difference you are seeing in your horse's attitude may be 
due not feeding the commercial sweet feed.  I have an arab mare that 
is difficult to keep weight on in the winter.  When I first purchased 
her, nearly six years ago, she had been on a high grain ration, which 
included sweet feed.  Although turned out daily, she would stall walk 
when inside, and was always on edge.....I likened it to how I used 
feel when I drank too much coffee.  The first fall when cold weather hit, she 
started to drop weight rapidly.  The facility where I boarded her at 
that time refused to increase her hay (but did suggest I increase her 
grain....grain was not included in the board fee).  I knew that would 
not help so I called my vet, who suggested beet pulp & oil.  Her winter
weight has always been good since I started using the beet pulp.
Along the way, I discontinued the sweet feed (she now gets 2 cups oats
& 2 cups corn during the winter when she isn't being ridden)  and her 
attitude improved remarkably...very little stall walking (storms, 
ect.)  I have since read, in Equus, I think, and here on RideCamp, 
that some horses react to the molasses in the sweet feed.  Glad your
horses are doing well.

Judy & 
Hilary....who is fussy and refuses most treats other than apples & 
carrots, but who is the only horse in the barn who will eat a real 


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