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Re: Registration Fee

Dear Steph & ridecampers,
     I've been too busy to pay much attention to my e-mail lately, so I
must've missed the original post regarding this topic.  I completely agree
with Glenda and Cheryl's sentiments here!  $10 bucks is nothing compared to
the value of this forum.  Steph, what is the address to mail my $10 dollars

Trish & pretty David,
Grand Blanc, Michigan

 On Monday, February 01, 1999 7:13 PM, Glenda R. Snodgrass 
 [] wrote:
 > still do so through the guest form (if it's a legitimate topic, of
 > course).  A $10 subscription fee is paltry, really, compared to the
 > immense value of the forum -- less than a bag of probis. <g>
 > I think Steph's suggestions for revamping Ridecamp are right on target 
 > I fully support them.
 > Glenda & Lakota
 > Mobile, AL
 > AERC # M18819 & H27310
 > SE Region
 What??? People don't want to pay $10 to get the kind of education they can 
 get here.  That is o.k. because I wonder where else they'll go to learn 
 about endurance for free.  Knowing now what I learned from Ridecamp and how 
 familiar I was at my first ride due to this forum and think it is 
 ridiculous that people are complaining about a $10 fee.  Hey maybe when 
 Steph does charge a $10 fee it will run off all the negative people, the 
 whiners, the complainers and the trouble makers.  Then maybe we'll have 
 back the old Ridecamp that we all loved!  Not this negative nit picking 
 forum that is has become lately!
 I fully support Steph's idea for revamping too, and I will be the first to 
 pay my $10!
                                   Cheryl Newbanks >>

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