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Convention List Ver. 3.0 -- Fri. or Sat.?

Since Linda did so well and got a room for us for the convention breakfasts
on both Friday and Saturday, I need to know now -- Which day can you come?
-- Friday, Saturday, or both.  If you can ONLY come on Friday or ONLY come
on Saturday, please let me know.  If you can make it BOTH days and have
already informed me that you will be coming to join us, you don't need to
notify me -- we'll just assume that you are planning both days.  Our head
count will be turned in on the 22nd.  

My email address:

Please check the list below and let me know.  Thanks.


THE LIST (as of 2/3/99 0545 PDT)  

Name:						Breakfast:
Monika Smith; Calgary, Alberta 		yes		
Eric and Gail Hought; McKinleyville, Ca.    if early			
Bob Morris; Boise, Idaho			
Joe and Kay Long; Colorado Springs, Co.				
Kate and Mary Burgess; Bozeman, Mt.	      maybe			
Linda-Cathrine Layman; Tacoma, Wa.			
Susan G & David			    	yes Sat. 		
Paddi Sprecher					yes			
Trish Dowling					yes
Lynne Glazer & friend, Scott
Pat Fredrickson; Red Bluff, CA
Linda Parrish; Kennard, Tx.
Mike Maul
Lauren & Alan Horn; San Juan Capistrano, Ca.
Linda Cowles; Gilroy, Ca.			yes
Lovell; Mack, Co.
Karen Steenhof; Boise, Idaho
Carol Randall
Lynge Simoni
Becky Hackworth
Sue Norris and husband
Teddy Lancaster & Ed Paige
Barb Thomas & 2 friends			yes
Bobbie Lieberman				yes
Debbie Whaley & 3 friends; Prineville, Or.
Linda & Allen Eisele; Nevada
Patty Gaglioti & John Saunders; Carmel Valley, Ca. yes
Drin Becker; Montana				yes
Anne Kennedy; Bozeman, Montana			yes
Joane White & hubby, Gary Lyon			yes
	& Joane's in-laws & mother		yes
Sue & Steve Brown; Marysville, Wa.		yes
Karen Chaton, Gardnerville, Nevada		maybe
Lari Shea & friend Harvey, Fort Bragg, Ca.
Susan Kasemeyer				maybe
Carol Wingate DVM; Illinois			yes
Cynthia & Ramey Peticolas-Stroud; Lyons, Or.
Nikki Reynolds; Fallon, Nv.			yes
Genie Wunderlich				maybe
Potato Richardson				yes
Pat Oliva					yes
Debby Lyon					yes
Dawna Bynum-Boyd; Oregon
Rita Schlim					yes
Valerie Hewitt & friend; Reno			yes
Tracy Stampke; Hill City, ID			yes
Gesa Brinks; Nuevo, Calif.			yes
Becky Hackworth +1				yes
Steph & John Teeter
Valerie and Chris Newson			yes
	& Valerie's sister			yes
Terry Woolley Howe				yes
Patricia Henslee & husband; Kettle Falls, Wa.
Jennifer Layman; Menlo Park, Ca.	       maybe
Sheri Kuykendall & Bryan Johnson		yes
Jennifer Heim & Doug Mallory			yes
Becky & Danny Harris; Ohio			yes
Jim & April Mitchell + 2			yes
Lynge Simoni & cousin, Jan Snyder		yes
Jack & Pat massey and grandson			yes Fri.
Mary Fields					yes Fri.

Tyee Farm
Marysville, Wa.

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