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Re: Feed Question (Mcals)

In a message dated 2/2/99 2:46:01 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< I figured out that based on crude fat % (listed as a minimum of 4%), the
 only provided 0.36 Mcal per kg. (Based on 9 Mcals/kg of fat).  How do I
 for the other sources of energy from this feed, such as carbos, etc.?
 I can't think that a horse could live off of 0.36 Mcal/kg of E.S. per day?!?
 Thanks ahead of time for any advice!

The problem with these kinds of calculations is that they're nearly always
wrong. Each individual is going to use energy in his own way and it's
impossible to accurately calculate all the variables involved--from workload,
basal metabolism, hormonal differences, offtime activity, digestive
efficiencies, worms, teeth, disease, environmental stressors, athletic
purpose, etc. Instead, feed the energy necessary to retain good body

There is a system for scoring body condition that is accurate enough to put
you on the right track. Basically, you don't want to be able to play a tune on
the ribs (too thin), nor do you want a big groove down the back (too fat). For
higher levels of performance, you don't want muscle definition (too thin)
either--as in a deep "poverty line" at the semitendinosus. 

If the horse is in training and is losing weight, you're not feeding enough
energy. If the horse is maintaining weight and has a nice coat--don't fix what
ain't broke.


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