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Ridecamp Breakfast at the Victoria Buffet

RideCamp is all set up for breakfast on both Friday and Saturday!

  Time:    7:15 am to whenever
  Dates:   Friday and Saturday, Feb. 26 and 27
  Place:   Victoria Buffet at the Legacy

The Victoria opens at 7:30, but will seat us starting at 7:15. That way
we can grab coffee and introduce ourselves. The buffet starts at 7:30,
and it sounds delicious.

Let Sue Brown know if you haven't added your name to the list so we can
let the Legacy know the approximate head count.

   Sue Brown

Someone will have "My Name Is" tags for those with names to share. 

There will be ***MANY*** long haired redheads in the group, all
40-something, all FW / LW riders -  many with names that are derived
from "Linda" (Lynne, etc.)... We'll wear name tags if you do! 

  Linda Cowles 
  Gilroy CA

P.S. - The people at the Legacy are making this very easy for us. If you
get an opportunity, thank them!

    Check it Out!    

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