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Re: Horse falling asleep??

In a message dated 2/2/99 10:36:15 AM Pacific Standard Time, Tivers writes:

<< What causes narcolepsy and how prevalent is it?
 ti >>

If I remember correctly, it is a neurochemical problem--sorry, would have to
go look up which neurotransmitters are involved, etc.  It is pretty rare, but
does occur.  I know of one endurance horse in which the owner's vet is pretty
sure that is the problem, but as to working it up, my understanding is that
all they have done is eliminate every other metabolic cause they can think of
(such as the things you have suggested) and they feel that by the symptoms
there just isn't anything else it could be.  So that case is not conclusive,
but very strongly suggestive of narcolepsy--I've seen the horse at rides, and
would sure concur with the home vet's tentative diagnosis.


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