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Ohio Valley Equestrian Trails Symposium

Dear Ridecampers,

	Hope this will be of some interest to those of you in the mid part of the
country.  Speaker list needs to be updated but on the whole it's accurate. 
Please email with any questions.

Mary Lynn


	The Ohio Valley Equestrian Trails Symposium will be held February 13 &14,
1999 at the Airport Hilton, Florence, KY (near the Cincinnati/Northern
Kentucky Airport). The target audience is representatives of various horse
clubs from Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and West Virginia, who can
take this information back to their organizations.

	This symposium was inspired by the excellent National Symposium on Horse
Trails in Forest Ecosystems held at Clemson University in October.  We will
cover some of the same information while scaling it down and addressing
more specific concerns in the Ohio Valley area. This is not a policy or
planning meeting, but an educational symposium directed at equestrian trail
users.  The growing pressure on public lands and the wealth of
misinformation about horse riding make it essential that the equestrian
community become organized and proactive in promoting and defending our
tradition of riding in America's open spaces.

	The fee for attending is $30 (payable to the Kentucky Horse Council, which
is providing financial oversight) and includes lunch on Saturday.  A $5.00
late fee will be charged for registration after February 6, if space
remains.  Pre-registration is strongly encouraged.  For more information
contact Greg Jones or Mary Lynn Stockdale at or

	There are several hotels nearby.  If you choose to stay at the Airport
Hilton be sure to mention that you are with the Ohio Valley Equestrian
Trails Symposium to receive our group discount.  The Program will begin at
9:00 AM Saturday and conclude by 1:00 PM Sunday.
Proposed Schedule:

SAT	 9:00 AM	Lecture	Rails - Trails, Bob Strosnider, KY RTC
9:45 AM	Lecture	Trail Accessibility for Riders with Disabilities,
 Kathy Splinter, Eastern KY U
	10:30 AM	Break			
	11:00 AM	Lecture	Bog Abatement, Brenda Jenkins, Agra Sales
	11:45 Am	Panel		
	12:30 PM	Lunch	
1:00 PM	Lecture	Recreational Trails Program, Jim Barker, KY
Department for Local Government
	 1:45  PM	Lecture
	 2:30 PM	Break
	 3:00 PM	Lecture
	 3:45 PM	Panel
	 4:30 PM	Adjourn

SUN	 9:00 AM	Lecture
 9:45 AM	Lecture
	10:30 AM	Break
	11:00 AM	Lecture	Where do We go from Here, Gene Woods,
Clemson U.
	11:45 Am	Panel
	12:30 PM	Adjourn


Bog Abatement					Brenda Jenkins, Agra Sales
	Trail Camp & Trailhead Design			Jerry Conley, TVA
Trail Accessibility for Riders with Disabilities	Kathy Splinter, Eastern KY
Recreational Trails Program				Jim Barker, KY Gov. Office
Illinois Lawsuit					Shawnee Trails Conservancy
	Leave No Trace					Jorge Hershel, USFS
Rails - Trails						Bob Strosnider, KY RTC
Harmony with the Environment			Judy Iburg, BSFNRRA, NPS
	Where do We go from Here				Gene Woods, Clemson U.

Order to be determined

OVETS Registration List is under "db1", in My Files, - - - Click "Start",
then : Click "Office Document", then Click on "db1"

As Ever,

Mary Lynn

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