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Re: Rider Conditioning

>Hi Everyone
>I'm pretty new to endurance riding and am looking for a little advice. I
wonder however what should the rider be 
>doing to prepare for the ride? I run between 4 and 5 miles 5 times a
week...also put in the riding time ect ect. Is there any other 
>exercise that is better then the running?

Stop running immediately! You'll NEVER fit in if you get that fit. Ohhh,
I wish I'd written this story that was in Endurance News a few years ago
about "Rider Conditioning", I saved it somewhere though.

The gist was:  Try propping up one side of your bed to get used to an
uneven camper.  Leave a lawn mower running outside your door to simulate
parking next to someone with a generator.  Fix a sandwich and drop it in
the dirt before eating.  Jog with a stone in your shoe to simulate
needing a tack adjustment but since you're running top 10 you can't stop.
 To prepare for a holding your horse at a vet check (I loved this one)
borrow a neighbor's Great Dane and try to hold him in the midst of a
Prairie Dog town.  Singe a steak black on the outside, pink on the inside
and try to eat it with a puny plastic fork...

Get the picture?  :-)


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