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I had a '93 half ton Ford F150 with which I pulled a 12 ft. gooseneck.  The
truck had the biggest engine, the extra suspension, ... the full towing
package.  It was great.  Only one time when I had three horses in the trailer
could I tell a difference in pulling power, but I felt secure for the 40 mile

The big engine helped the transmission.  I orginially had an '84 Chevy with a
small 8 in it and it struggled up hills with a bumper pull and the hill didn't
have to be very big!  It would downshift so hard I just knew it was rocking
the horse off its feet!  

As far as the heavier brakes that Potato mentioned, I don't know.  I always
make sure the trailer brakes are working correctly.  There was one time my
trailer brakes failed and I thought I was going to kill myself, the 2 horses
in my trailer, and my friend and the 2 horses in her trailer traveling in
front of me.  My trailer without the brakes was pushing me on a rain slick
interstate.  The ABS was going all out trying to stop the whole rig.  I took
to the lane with all the construction barrels and passed my friend.  Brakes
are a big issue with me now!

If all I had was a small engine truck I would be very careful about the load
capacity.  You could wear it out pretty quick.

My 2 cents worth from experience, not a lot of mechanical knowledge.


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