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filtering mail - off topic (apologies)

Writing this to list in the hope of halting a 
tide of 'how to filter mail' type messages....

I am grateful for all the advice I have so far 
gotten from you campers, but hundreds of 
previous attempts at setting up my old creaky 
mail prog have failed and thus far denied me the 
wondrousness of filtered mail....

Sorry. I am probably thick. I will survive either 
way - I'm getting fairly good at scanning message 
headers anxiously <g>

Liz and Basil The Nag

Dr E Carpenter
Institute for Cardiovascular Research
The University of Leeds, Leeds, LS2 9JT, UK
+ 44 (0113) 2334169/2334803 (voice/fax)
+ 44 (0498) 783129 (mobile)

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