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Re: Unidentified subject!

In a message dated 1/28/99 10:36:46 PM Pacific Standard Time,

<< Gave my mare a final pat, and ducked under the wire.  My friend was
standing there and asked, "ready for me to turn on the charger?"  I took one
more look at my mare, and got a strange feeling-she was standing too still.  I
told my friend to wait one second, and went to check.....realized to my horror
that I had buckled my horse around the electric wire!!  I started laughing
hysterically, but she still stood calmly while I undid her from the fence, and
buckled her the right way.
 What a wreck that could have been!
 Karen and Chancy. >>

I know of two cases where this happened at an endurance ride with portable
metal corrals.   When the rider put the blanket on the horse, the strap went
over part of the metal fence panel.  The rider reached underneath  to get the
strap and then buckled it.  It took a few seconds before the horse realized
that he was attached to the fence. I saw the results of one case and heard
about  the other.  The horse ran through camp dragging the whole metal corral
until the panels started to come apart and fly all over.  The horse and corral
panels came flying by about 20 feet away from my horse.  He didn't stop
shaking for 20 minutes.  In both cases the horses received relatively minor
injuries. Maybe we should add this to the list of nevers.


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