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Barefoot and worming

Hi Ridecampers,

This is my first posting - thanks Steph for getting the address problem
solved.  I really enjoy the information, ideas and discussions - but not
the mudslinging.

I have been using the liquid ivermecterin on my horses for several
years, after hearing about it from a vet.  The dosage is 1cc per
100lbs.  It works - I've seen dead bots and have had manure tested.  To
make sure they all get it, I use a  syringe.

On the question of riding barefoot - I too think it depends on the
individual horse and the terrain.  My horses have not had shoes nailed
on since 1995 and I have seen great improvement in the health of their
feet. I do use easy-boots to compete, but last year, after the mother of
all thunderstorms dumped a flood of water just before a ride, I rode a
30 mile CTR barefoot with absolutly no problems.  I was afraid the
grassy trail would be too greasy!  I do all my own trimming - took a
farrier course to help understand my horses better.
Being barefoot has improved the horn, sole and frog on their feet,
increased the size and hardened the soles of ouchy horses.  It works for
my gang!

Bye for now,
Helen McMaster, in cold Canada.

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